Kenneth Michael Ballard
Tennessee Theta, U.S. Army
May 30, 2004

Bradley T. Arms
Georgia Delta, U.S. Marine Corps
November 19, 2004


Noah Harris
Georgia Delta, U.S. Army
June 18, 2005


William W. Wood
Florida Epsilon, U.S. Army
October 27, 2005

Joseph Trane McCloud
Tennessee Alpha, U.S. Marine Corps
December 3, 2006


Matthew R. Barnes
Louisiana Delta, U.S. Marine Corps
February 14, 2006


Jonathan K. Dozier
Tennessee Theta, U.S. Army
January 9, 2008

Israel P. O'Bryan
Tennessee Kappa, U.S. Army
June 11, 2010


Joshua S. Lawrence
Tennessee Eta, U.S. Army
October 8, 2011


Jacob M. Pfister
New York Eta, U.S. Army
April 19, 2005


* Currently, only known casualties in the Global War on Terror are listed.
Projects are underway to compile lists of our Fallen from previous wars.
Please contact Renato Villacorte if you have information to contribute to these efforts.

SigEpVets is doing its best to keep track and honor the memory
of all Brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon who have died in our Country's Service.
For additions to this list, please email Renato Villacorte.

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